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Committed to innovation
• Delivering a strong and distinct message.
• Proposing value-added solutions, taking one-step further to offer better than our competitors.
• Adapting to the changes of the market and anticipating the needs of our clients.
• Re-inventing new and better ways to work, no matter what the level of responsibilities.

Committed to change
• Constantly questioning our performance and looking for ways to improve.
• Knowing our strengths and weaknesses.
• Routinely seeking reference points and ideas, both within and outside the group, including our competitors.
• Encouraging training internally or from other sources.
• Promoting colleagues internally whenever possible.
• Continually improving our service, work methods and procedures.
• Enriching and expanding our individual and collective capacities.

Committed to understanding
• Being open to others, their ideas, embracing their differences.
• Seeking to understand the expectations of others.
• Being attentive to others.
• Fostering cooperation with those in of every cross-section of the staff.
• Communicating on a regular basis any changes, or new developments in the company policy.
• Recognizing that we are stronger as a group than we are as individuals.
• Respecting and listening to the opinions of others.
• Demonstrating patience.
• Taking the time to understand rather than just listening.

Committed to success
• Keeping the team spirit alive.
• Saying what we do and doing what we say.
• Respecting agreed upon deadlines.
• Detailing the commitment precisely and assigning responsibility.
• Determining the objectives and assuring their completion.
• Delegating the responsibilities.
• Accepting the risks of errors or failure.
• Standing behind all decisions or actions taken.
• Respecting the work environment as well as prior agreements and our quality assurance system.
• Encouraging the ideas and initiative of our co-workers at every opportunity.