Crystal Group - historique de la création du Groupe Crystal

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• 1986 : Patrick LEGAL founds the company Qualitair with a mission to provide international air transportation.
• 1989 : First customer onsite installation.
• 1990 : The creation of its subsidiaries: ALIS International, for Integrated Solutions to Logistics.
• 1992 : The creation of AEROSPACE International, an entity dedicated to the aeronautics industry.
• 1994 : QUALITAIR becomes the first French transportation group to obtain certification ISO 9001.
• 2001 : Creation of AUTOLOG and PETROLOL.
• 2009 : Qualitair&Sea is among the first transportation consolidators to receive AEO certification.
• 2010 : Crystal Group buys the logistic specialist Set Cargo.
• 2011 : Crystal through SetCargo, specialist of both air and ocean freight forwarding for the french overseas territories and Qualitair for its global presence has become one of the first privately owned French group.
• 2012 : Joël Glusman is appointed President.
• 2013 : Initiated by Crystal Group, TALA, a logistics and freight forwarding network focused on the aeronautic industry, has been founded, Joël Glusman being the founding president. Today, TALA has more than 30 members.
• 2014 : Crystal Group took equity participation of ILS Cargo Group in Brazil, and became a key actor for this destination.
• 2014 : Altus, logistics specialist for the oil & gas industry entrusted Crystal Group with its exclusive franchise in France.
• 2014 : Arenc Logistique took equity participation in SetCargo.